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About Renful Premier Technologies

Renful Premier Technologies has been at the forefront of advanced security training since 1994, specialising in the research, development and delivery of state-of-the-art products and services.

Our aim is to improve the level of selection, training and management of security personnel, using cutting-edge software that’s fully bespoke to suit different requirements, applications and sectors and can be integrated in to existing security infrastructure.

Today, customers in over 80 countries worldwide use our products and services for training and monitoring their security teams. Amongst our customers you will find civil aviation authorities, government agencies, customs and border guards, airports, ports, cargo forwarders, high security installations and postal authorities.

Our Objectives
  • To bridge the gap between technology and the human factor.
  • Continuous research and development of the latest technologies.
  • The enhancement  and smooth running of security operations all over the world.
  • Developing training and management solutions for the improvement of security procedures.
  • To automate the screening process using machine learning algorithms, pursuing the future of security in aviation and cargo.
Our Team

Our team of employees is a mix of ex-security professionals with many years’ experience in the day to day running of security operations and training as well as software developers at the forefront of modern technologies.

As our customers are based across the world, our team is multinational and multilingual and most importantly extremely helpful.

So, whether you’re already one of our customers or enquiring about our products, our team is always on hand to answer your questions or deal with any difficulties you may be facing, in a professional and efficient manner.

Our Innovation, Your Security

A key factor behind Renful’s success is innovation.

Since 1989 we have developed and introduced a number of new products that meet specific user needs and enhance the process of training personnel and implementing security systems.

  • Simfox – The first ever security x-ray simulator

    Renful’s founders pioneer the use of computer based X-ray training by developing the first training and testing x-ray simulator; Simfox.

  • S.T.O.P. Multimedia

    S.T.O.P multimedia CBT’s released on terrorism and document verification

  • Theory Based Training goes Multimedia

    Renful develop Trefox in 2002, a CBT used to inform newly recruited screeners about procedures and terminologies related to X-ray screening.

  • Visual Explosive Simulants

    Renful add visual Explosives and IED training kits to improve the threat recognition skills of screeners.

  • Aptitude Tests for X-Ray Screeners

    Renful develop Pre-M, the first screener aptitude test, used to recruit the best suited candidate for the role of X-ray screener.

  • Simulant Explosives become X-Ray Correct

    Renful develop X-ray correct explosive simulants in order to improve the detection of explosives and I.E.D. under X-ray.

  • Simfox goes Online

    Renful launch Simfox Net, a web based X-ray training simulator allowing both trainers and screeners to work from any computer connected to the internet.

  • Renful’s Courses get University Accreditation

    Renful’s security training seminars are accredited in partnership with Middlesex University providing an opportunity for participants to study towards academic qualifications.

  • Compliance becomes easier with OpeReady

    Renful develop OpeReady in order to help security managers monitor and control the operational compliance level of their employees.

  • Simfox offers Dual View X-Ray Simulators

    Renful develops Dual View X-Ray training and testing simulators for Simfox. Current Dual View compatibilities include Rapiscan, Heimann & L3.

  • Development of OpSEM

    OpSEM is developed in order to improve passenger facilitation and screening efficiency at checkpoints.

  • X-Ray Simulators for Container Scanners

    Renful finalizes the development of X-ray Simulators for Large Container Scanners and implement the first ones in Kazakhstan and Indonesia. Simfox becomes compatible with Astrophysics.

  • Simfox Additions and Developments

    Simfox becomes compatible with mobile devices and receives an additional interface, Opto-Heimann. Renful launches the online version of Pre-M.

  • Adaptive Training within Simfox

    Renful develops the adaptive training feature within Simfox, which is based on the TIP data.

  • Simfox Additional Interface

    Simfox boasts one additional container interface, consequently Renful launches the Heimann Container Simulator.

  • Development of an Automated X-Ray Threat Detection Algorithm

    Renful develops EyeFox, an innovative threat detection system designed specifically for the security X-ray screening market.

  • SimfoxCT - The world’s first security CT X-ray simulator

    Renful develops the worlds first security CT X-ray simulator to fulfil our customers latest training, testing and certification requirements.

Renful Premier Technologies

Renful Premier Technologies is the developer and distributor of recruitment, training and staff management softwares, with the aim of bridging the gap between technology and the human factor.

Renful has created the most comprehensive suite of products and services designed to improve the selection, training, evaluation and monitoring of X-ray screeners.

The companies products have been sold to clients in over 80 countries. Its clients tend to be airports, airlines, cargo handling companies, freight forwarders, secure hospitals, postal authorities, prisons and other secure establishments.

OpeReady Systems developed a range of management softwares which monitor the security efficience of the X-ray screeners. In addition the company has developed an operation readiness system, a management software which helps large organisations to comply with security requirements.

Our clients are civil aviation authorities, government agencies, customs and border guards, airports, ports, cargo forwarders, high security prisons and postal authorities.

AVCO Technologies specialises in the provision of security training services and consultancy, as well as custom made integration of the various products currently offered by the Group.

Our clients are airports, airlines, cargo handling companies, freight forwarders, secure hospitals, postal authorities, prisons and other secure establishments.

Neural Guard, is a leading technology company focused on the development of automatic threat detection systems for the security industry.

Following extensive R&D work the company has successfully developed a unique auto detection capability for security X-ray systems that is based on cutting edge neural network algorithms.

With the establishment of Neural Guard, we are achieving a much-anticipated goal. Neural Guard brings together the most advanced technological capabilities with the Group’s extensive experience and expertise in over 80 countries globally.

Renful Systems Kft. is based in Budapest, Hungary and was established to facilitate the distribution of Renful products and services to EU based as well as CIS customers.

The company has a training center within its premises and staff that specialise in customer service and after sale support of the Renful products.

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