Neural Guard

Neural Guard “Automatic X-ray Detection”

Neural Guard is an automatic threat detection system designed specifically for the security X-ray screening market.

Neural Guard’s unique detection capabilities are based on cutting edge artificial intelligence computer vision technology.

The system detects a large variety of threats, within a fraction of a second, at a great level of precision. The Neural Guard system seamlessly connects to allow all new or existing X-ray systems.

Neural Guard offers:
  • High detection accuracy
  • Sub-second image throughput
  • Seamless integration with new or existing X-ray systems
  • Ongoing threat updates and improved algorithms
  • Risk management: Adjustable detection threshold capabilities

Neural Guard is suitable for organisations in the aviation, border control, mass transportation and critical infrastructure industries. Applying deep learning computer vision to the screening process enables automatic threat detection and creates a centralised image processing network that constantly develops, learns and improves as the data is aggregated, resulting in the exponential increase of its value.

Our technology:

We detect designated items in X-ray imagery by leveraging cutting-edge Convolutional Neural Networks. The system can be integrated with any new or existing X-ray system, as it captures and processes the scanner’s existing video output (usually VGA), and doesn’t require any modification to the scanner itself. By continuously analysing the system’s results, we improve our model and quickly adapt to new detection requirements.

Multiple deployment options are supported:

Standalone – Each scanner’s video output is fed into a dedicated Detection Unit which captures, detects and displays the result, eliminating the need for a network connection.
Local Datacentre – Each scanner’s video output is fed into a dedicated Capture Unit which captures the image and sends it to local Detection Servers over a secure LAN.
Remote Detection – Capture Units send images to a cloud-based Detection Server, over a secure VPN.

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